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Bedfordshire Geology Group was formed in 2004 by a group of enthusiastic amateur and professional geologists.

Our aims are:

A group fieldtrip

A group fieldtrip

Members enjoy field trips, clearing overgrown sites, lectures, workshops and social events - all aimed at getting ‘hands on’ with local rocks and fossils. We also arrange guided walks in order to appreciate the varied landforms and scenery of Bedfordshire.

A rock workshop

A rock workshop

We work closely with local companies, museums and country parks. We also collaborate with The Wildlife Trust, The Greensand Trust, Natural England and English Heritage on different projects.

Educational support for schools is arranged by request. This may involve classroom-based sessions that introduce pupils to exciting geological topics such as dinosaurs and volcanoes, or outdoor visits to examine rocks or landforms.

For more information:

Contact us by email to or if you want to become a member of the Bedfordshire Geology Group, please visit our Membership Information page.

You may like to read about our history or our constitution.

Please be aware that all images on this site, unless individually specified, are copyrighted by the BGG. If you wish to use them for your own purposes please contact our Secretary beforehand. We wish to acknowledge the generous provision of a Grassroots Grant from the Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation which has enabled this website to be updated.